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Kubota Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowing can sometimes be a tough job that requires equipment strong and durable enough to handle the roughest of terrains and grasses. If you are using a weak, average lawn mower, you might not be able to finish the job at all.

Kubota lawn mowers may just be the equipment you need to use to do the difficult task of lawn mowing. Helping people trim their lawns for more than 30 years now in the US, they actually deliver and then exceed expectations.

The Kubota Corporation was first established in Osaka, Japan in 1890; formed from the ever growing Japanese small farming industry and filling the need for high performance and manoeverability on these small holdings.

It wasn't until 1969 that they launched the L200 in the United States, thus filling a void for small, high powered units and was an immediate success. This led to the formation of the Kubota Tractor Corporation in 1972 and ongoing expansion to another 130 countries including Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In 1974 the company introduced the four-wheel drive design for lawn mower tractors and their hydrostatic diesel transmission system. Although 4WD was big in the US at this time in the larger commercial tractors, it was unheard of in this smaller sector and the 12 hp model was such an innovation that it soon became the benchmark in the industry.

Now with over 40 models including the BX, T, ZD and M range, they are the leading manufacturer of the under 40 hp compact tractor with attachments that include turf laying equipment, lawn and garden equipment, compact construction equipment, generators, pumps and a multitude of other performance enhancing attachments all set to make the life of a small holder easier.

A lawn mower that has a diesel engine is equal in efficiency to a gasoline one, but less maintenance is required. Most Kubota diesel engine lawn mowers offer an impressive 21 horsepower but if you think that is not going to be enough, then you could opt for the Kubota G2460 model with a 24 horsepower engine instead. 

Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to perform an excellent job.

Kubota BX24

This is the favourite work horse of many a smallholder, small farm or large home yard owner.

Along with its sleek design, the bx24 also comprises of Kubota's finest engineering, including Hydrostatic steering, making the worst of terrains easy to navigate, a large fuel tank enabling fewer stops whilst working and the D902 Diesel engine, which produces 23 horsepower.

These features are explained in further detail in the seperate article on the stand alone kubota bx24 here


Kubota bx24
Kubota bx24

Kubota T1880

If you are looking for a lawn mower that is easy to operate, the Kubota T1880 Model is your perfect mowing companion. Many people enjoy a professional lawn finish and the T1880, like other Kubota lawn mowers, can give this.

This particular mower operates with an 18 horsepower air-cooled petrol engine for that superior operation with a 'Glidecut system' to do the cutting and grass collection better.
With its Quick Clean System, you will never have to worry about mowing wet grass and getting dirty.

All you need is one of the many models of Kubota lawn mowers and you can sit back while having the job done very well. 

Kubota T1880
Kubota T1880

Kubota ZD 326

With an even higher horsepower of 26hp, the ZD 326 lawn mower is ideal for commercial mowing jobs. A vast area that needs some trimming is a piece of cake with the Kubota ZD 326 with its top speed of 17km/h.

It also boasts an exclusive Kubota development of 5.5 inch heavy-duty pro-mower deck and a wet clutch PTO.

Kubota lawn mowers have bigger fuel tanks compared to other more familiar tractor brands. This means you only need to refuel every now and then.

These mowers also have adjustable seating and neat electronic steering for easier control.  And with a number of models and series to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect lawn mower model for your residential or commercial mowing needs.

Kubota ZD 326 Lawn Mower
Kubota ZD 326

Key Points of Kubota Lawn Mowers

Kubota Lawn Mowers give you Powerful, Versatile, Comfortable and Compact Machines and are perfect for any application.

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